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U Pregnancy necklace
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SOURCE Pregnancy Necklace on cord  - 2
U Pregnancy necklace

SOURCE Pregnancy Necklace on cord


The scales design of this unique pendant is a a powerful symbol of protection, fertility and abundance.
In the Mayan culture, it was worn by expectant mothers to keep them safe during pregnancy. Afterwards, it was used to calm the newborn baby with its soothing chime.

  • Sooth the mother to be
  • Strengthen the prenatal bond
  • Reassure your newborn baby
  • Nickel free
  • French brand
  • Finish 18-carats Yellow Gold or Silver
Shipping in 3 to 5 business days

Data sheet

Laiton plaqué Or 18 carats ou argent
Diamètre 20mm
ajustable jusqu'à 1100mm
Bola sur cordon

Customer Reviews

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Irèna on 25/04/2024

Bijou symbolique

Porter ce bola de grossesse est un rappel constant de la puissance et de la beauté de la maternité. Son design symbolique et son tintement subtil m'aident à célébrer ma maternité au quotidien

Amélie on 25/04/2024

Cadeau de Baby Shower

Je l'ai offert à une amie pour sa baby shower, ça lui a fait super plaisir. Les détails sont sublimes, trop contente.


the mother-baby ritual


from our customers

Frequently asked questions

You can wear it as a necklace, suspended at belly level with a chain or cord. With the movements of your body the pendant will gently chime for your baby.

You can start wearing your necklace from the second trimester of your pregnancy, when your belly begins to round and the baby can hear external sounds.

Yes, from the twentieth week of pregnancy, the baby starts to perceive sounds from the outside, including the gentle melody of your pregnancy necklace.

No, because the sound of our necklaces is soft and soothing. Their relaxing melody will calm you throughout your pregnancy and invite you to create an auditory bond with your baby.

To connect with your baby throughout pregnancy, we recommend rolling it over
your belly following our usage ritual.

Some moms continue to wear their necklace as a symbolic piece of jewelry representing the unique and precious bond with their child. You can also place your pendant inside one of our baby loveys to remind your little one of the gentle sounds they heard in your belly throughout pregnancy.

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