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Mothers of the World Medallion

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This “Mothers of the World” medallion features the word “mother” delicately engraved in 21 languages.
A symbolic creation with a message of solidarity and support: 10% of sales will be donated to the Miva Miadjo association, a French nonprofit organization dedicated to helping babies and children at the Mother Charity orphanage in Togo.
Wear the Mothers of the World medallion close to your heart to show your commitment to a kinder, gentler world.

Made in France with love

Flower of Life Necklace

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This necklace represents the Flower of Life. This sacred geometric shape is the universal symbol of life force energy, source of love, light, and healing.
Worn on the heart, the Flower of Life necklace will bring a sense of harmony and well-being to your daily life.
A creation made in France with love.

Angel Caller Drop

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This bell necklace is inspired by the « Angel Caller » ancestral jewelry piece. Legend tells us that its gentle chime would call the protection of your guardian angel. A jewelry for the soul, handmade with love.

Goddess Necklace

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At Ilado, we believe in the beauty and magic of ancestral jewelry. Our “Goddess” necklace is inspired by an African tradition that celebrates the beauty, creative force and power of the feminine.

Its shape evokes the dolls of the Ashanti people, in Ghana. Originally carved in wood, these dolls were handed down from mother to daughter before marriage. It is said that they promoted the fertility of those who carried and cared for them, and ensured the birth of a beautiful, healthy child.

As a piece of jewelry, the Ashanti doll is a powerful symbol of fertility.
This precious talisman supports you in your desire to become a mother.
It can be given as a symbolic gift to a little girl, or to an older child when she becomes a woman.
It is also a wonderful invitation to reconnect with your feminine essence, the daily expression of your inner beauty and creative power, and your connection with all the women of the world in a caring sorority.

A unique creation made with love in France.

Birthstone charm

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Discover the ancestral properties of the 12 birthstones associated with the 12 months of the year. Choose your stone according to your birthday, your loved one’s birthday, or a meaningful date. Place it in your ILADO amulet, alone or with your other charms.

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Alphabet charm

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Hold your loved ones close to your heart by placing the initial of their first name in your amulet: the name of your love partner, your first child, your youngest child…

Symbol charm

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Slip these charms into your amulet to wear a symbolic jewel dear to your heart.

Tree of life : this tree represents the forces of life and the importance of origins. This powerfully symbolic charm with an organic design is intended to be placed inside your amulet so that it can be with you every day.

Sheaf of wheat : the sheaf of wheat symbolizes the cycle of life and abundance. Place it inside your amulet to bring you happiness and prosperity.

Joy : this gold-plated charm invites you to find joy in the present moment.

Love : wear this gold-plated charm as a symbol of endless love.

Luck : this gold-plated charm will bring you good luck the whole day through!

Heart : this twisted gold-plated heart represents the promise of eternal love.

Ring : a symbol of union and infinity, this twisted gold-plated ring represents the promise of eternal love.

Wing : the protection of your guardian angel, your desire for freedom, the memory of a trip to another part of the world… associate this charm with a special meaning or purpose and place it in your amulet so that it will always be with you.  

drops drops
  • Pierre naturelle

Gemstone Drop Pendants

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At ILADO, we want you to experience a sense of serenity and a deep connection with your baby throughout your pregnancy. The harmonious chime of our maternity necklaces will help you to relax and form a bond with your baby while awaiting the wondrous moment of birth.

To further enhance this experience, we invite you to discover the beneficial properties of 7 natural gemstones that can be used every day to complement your chiming Maternity Necklace.

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Mini Angel Caller Necklace for Children  - 3 Angel Caller Necklace
  • Laiton plaqué Or 18 carats ou argent

Mini Angel Caller Necklace for Children

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This pregnancy necklace was created as a "Lovely-Jewelery". It is inspired by an ancestral Mayan pendant : The Angel Caller. Legend has it that its sweet jingling sound has the power to call the guardian angel of the wearer for guidance and protection. Thanks to its lovely Rabbit, Cat or Bear shape, this neckalce will become your child's little companion.
Sophie la girafe Birth... Sophie la girafe Birth...
  • Pierre naturelle

Sophie la girafe Birth Pendants

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Looking for a unique birth gift?
Celebrate the magical moment of a baby's arrival with the first Sophie la girafe jewel!

The iconic Sophie now takes care of children in a collection of birth pendants, full of meaning and magic. At the heart of each pendant, Sophie la girafe is poetically engraved under the benevolent protection of its "lucky star".

To make it a unique and unforgettable gift, choose the stone corresponding to the month of your child's birth!

Pendant in 18 karat gold plated, made in France with love.