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Alphabet charm

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Hold your loved ones close to your heart by placing the initial of their first name in your amulet: the name of your love partner, your first child, your youngest child…

Birthstone charm

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Discover the ancestral properties of the 12 birthstones associated with the 12 months of the year. Choose your stone according to your birthday, your loved one’s birthday, or a meaningful date. Place it in your ILADO amulet, alone or with your other charms.

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Symbol charm

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Slip these charms into your amulet to wear a symbolic jewel dear to your heart.

Tree of life : this tree represents the forces of life and the importance of origins. This powerfully symbolic charm with an organic design is intended to be placed inside your amulet so that it can be with you every day.

Sheaf of wheat : the sheaf of wheat symbolizes the cycle of life and abundance. Place it inside your amulet to bring you happiness and prosperity.

Joy : this gold-plated charm invites you to find joy in the present moment.

Love : wear this gold-plated charm as a symbol of endless love.

Luck : this gold-plated charm will bring you good luck the whole day through!

Heart : this twisted gold-plated heart represents the promise of eternal love.

Ring : a symbol of union and infinity, this twisted gold-plated ring represents the promise of eternal love.

Wing : the protection of your guardian angel, your desire for freedom, the memory of a trip to another part of the world… associate this charm with a special meaning or purpose and place it in your amulet so that it will always be with you.  

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