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Wellness Mists

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This box set contains three, 100% natural, scented mists to enhance the wellbeing of the whole family.

- Chase away sadness, fatigue, and the blues with the revitalizing and sparkling Joy Mist, infused with Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Ginger.

- Relieve fear, anxiety, and nightmares with the reassuring and conforting Courage Mist, blended with Vanilla, Orange, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang.

- Dispel anger, stress, and agitation with the relaxing and soothing Calm Mist, fragranced with Lavender, Orange, Tonka Bean and Myrrh.

Made in France with love.

ILADO To The Moon Fragrance

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To the Moon is the declaration of love from a mother to her child.
A tender and reassuring scented embrace that evokes the soft warmth of those first moments of skin-to-skin contact. Featuring a delicate blend of crisp apple, muesli and almond milk, it envelops mother, child and nursery linens to create an aura of well-being and happiness.
Made in France with love.

ILADO Eau Première Fragrance

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This scented water celebrates the magic of our child's firsts. The first heartbeat, the first look, the first skin-to-skin, the first smile, the first steps, the first "mommy" ... and the first fragrance!
A tender and delicate fragrance to forever remind us of the first emotions of motherhood.

Spray. Alcohol free.
Made in France with love.

Customized ILADO Eau Premiere Fragrance

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Our Ilado fragrance can now be personalized!
On each bottle we will handwrite your little one's name, making it a truly exceptional gift.
This fresh and light scent, featuring delicate notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and white musk, can be used from birth on your baby's body and hair and on nursery linen. Spray Alcohol-free.
Made in France with love.

ILADO Cherry Chérie fragrance ILADO Cherry Chérie fragrance
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ILADO Cherry Chérie fragrance

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Cherry Chérie opens with sparkling top notes of cherry and bergamot, softened by a heart of white flowers and peach. 
This bright and vibrant scent evokes the exhilaration of summer days.
A delicately fruity fragrance that will delight little girls and mothers alike !

ILADO Goddess Fragrance

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Déesse (Goddess) eau de toilette celebrates the beauty and power of our feminine essence. This sunny, sensual and woody fragrance invites us to awaken our inner Goddess: free, authentic, creative, and intuitive.
A divine essence that connects us to all women, our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters, in a tender
and nurturing bond of sisterhood.

Your wellness ritual
Spritz your body or the air around you.
Close your eyes and take four slow, deep breaths.
Wear this delicate fragrance, featuring notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, rose, and vanilla, to remind you of the truly amazing woman you are.

100% natural perfume made in France with genuine love and respect for our Mother Earth.

ILADO Eau Complice Fragrance

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This eau de toilette celebrates the special bond between father and child.

An airy and sunny top note of bergamot unleashes a whirlwind of freshness.
The fragrance is softened with a middle note of slightly sweet almond milk, evoking the tenderness of childhood.
Base notes combine the subtle, delicate scent of white musk with the aroma of cedar, reminiscent of a freshly sharpened pencil.

This tender and playful fragrance is emotionally charged. It invites dads to enjoy each moment of childhood joy, play and wonder, like a precious gift.
A fresh, full-bodied fragrance that children will love sharing with dad. Its scent will be forever tied to these moments of joyful complicity.

Made in France with love.