The magic of an ancestral tradition

The rebozo (shawl in English) is a woven garment crafted in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials, and used in Mexico and some countries of Central America. A symbol of femininity and the transmission of traditional knowledge, it was given as a gift to young girls by their mothers or grandmothers to accompany them throughout their lives. In everyday life, it was used as a fashion accessory, a baby carrier, a light blanket, or a bag for goods or provisions. In the hands of traditional midwives, it became a therapeutic and ritual tool during pregnancy and childbirth.

An valuable tool for today's moms

The rebozo arrived in France a couple years ago. Initially, it was used to perform the “rebozo ritual”, inspired by traditional Mexican practices to support new mothers after birth. Today, new ways of using this cloth have continued to evolve, making this tool a vital companion during pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout the journey of motherhood.

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Benefit n°1
During pregnancy

The rebozo is used as a belly support band or when performing rocking or effleurage maneuvers to provide relaxation and comfort to expectant mothers.


Benefit n°2
During childbirth

The rebozo can be used to ease labor pains and keep the mother-to-be focused, and as a tool to suspend the body or provide traction.

Benefit n°3
During the postpartum period

The rebozo can be used as a belly band to support the pelvis after delivery.


Benefit n°4
Throughout your motherhood journey

You can continue to use the rebozo as a baby carrier, a nursing cover, or even to enjoy “rebozo moments” of relaxation and sharing with your little ones.

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