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ILADO Mama Scented Candle

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Our scented candle diffuses warm notes of cinamon, vanilla and rose, creating a soft and tender atmosphere in your home.  To help guide you towards greater inner peace and harmony, we have placed a natural gemstone bracelet inside each candle. Selected with the collaboration of a lithotherapist, the stone will impart its healing properties.

Our candles are handmade with 100% vegetable and GMO free wax and feature a cotton certififed lead free wick.

More information about our natural gemstone pendants 

Organic Rebozo

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Discover the benefits of this magical garment during pregnancy, labor, birth and even postpartum!

The rebozo is an ancestral cloth garment originating from Central America.
It was traditionally used during rituals and ceremonies, or in everyday life, as a shawl or a sling for carrying a baby.

Since its arrival in France several years ago, new uses for the rebozo have been continually evolving.
First used to perform the “rebozo ritual” inspired by ancestral Mexican practices, it is now becoming an essential wellness tool for pregnant women and new mothers:

During pregnancy, it is used as a belly support band or when performing rocking or effleurage maneuvers to provide relaxation and comfort to expectant mothers.

During childbirth, the rebozo can be used to ease labor pains and keep the mother-to-be focused, or as a tool to suspend the body or provide traction.

During the postpartum period, it is used for belly binding to support the pelvis after delivery.

After your baby's birth, you can continue to use the rebozo as a baby carrier, a nursing cover, or even to enjoy “rebozo moments” of relaxation and sharing with your little ones.

When you purchase an Ilado rebozo, you will also receive our 32-page user's guide.

Features of our rebozos:
Our rebozos are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes, with the greatest respect for the skin and our planet.
- available in 3 colors: sand, clay, light pink and terracotta.
- Size: 222 x 55 cm (approximately 22 x 85 inches).

We recommend washing them by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °C (86 °F) inside a mesh laundry bag.