Well-being rituals

to re-enchant your motherhood journey


to Maison Ilado

Ilado offers meaningful and magical creations for mothers and babies. As the leading brand of maternity necklaces, Ilado will help you discover this sound ritual of love and comforting reassurance between a future mother and her child.
Ilado also features inspirational and symbolic jewelry for the entire family;
A range of 100% organic herbal teas specially formulated for every stage of motherhood: pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and post-partum;
Baby cocoon sacks and swaddling blankets crafted with 100% natural vegetable dyes;
Each collection has been imagined with love to accompany you towards greater well-being and harmony.

From the heart,

Sandra Ambos, founder

The first french brand

specialized in pregnancy necklaces

Since 2015, Ilado explores the pregnancy necklace ancestral tradition.Our unique and original designs are made of 18-carats gold-plated or silver-plated brass to make the necklace a precious pregnancy jewerly to keep and cherish as it is associated with wonderful memories. Our colelctions are now offered in over 200 shops in France and Worldwide.

The most beautiful rituals

inspired by motherhood all over the world

For each collection, Ilado goes looking for and learns from the most beautiful traditions passed from mothers all over the globe: the pregnancy necklace from the Maya tradition, the rebozo from central America, the amulet from Thaïland...
In 2024, Ilado launches a new range of products : the organic care "Maman du monde" for pregnancy and postpartum. The products efficiency is based on a 7 organic oils synergy stem from beauty and care rituals from the 7 continent.

a meditation podcast

beyond 400 000 listenings

Because supporting mothers through they motherhood's journey matters to us, we created the podcast "Naissance d'une Maman". Available on all audio streaming platforms, it offers guided meditations to experience a more sereine pregnancy, to reinforce self-confidence towards childbirth and to guide young mothers through a more tender postpartum. Thanks to the word of mouth from midwives, doctors, doulas and all birth and parenthood professionals, Naissance d'une Maman already helped thousands of women on their journey to becoming a mother.

Ilado store

to accomodate you in Paris

Ilado is also a physical shop inside the Natalys and Friends concept store in Paris' first district. It is a warm and welcoming cocoon where you can come and listen to the delicate sound of the chiming balls, taste our organic herbal tea and smell our fragrances for every member of the family. You can come and discover the whole collection designed with care and love for the most beautiful motherhood experience.