To help you take full advantage of the benefits of your Rebozo, we have created a 32-page user guide, included with every order.

Using the rebozo during pregnancy

Use n°1
Belly support band

Benefit: Supports the ligaments, relieves pressure and pain in the tailbone and the pubic area, and helps to better distribute your baby's weight between the back and abdomen.

Ritual: Wrap the rebozo around your belly, hips, and just below your pelvis, then tie it up on the side.

Use n°2
Rocking the pelvis

Benefit: Relieves pelvic pain and tension in the hips and lower back.

Ritual: Lie on your back. Your partner rocks your pelvis (and your baby!) by holding both ends of the rebozo and gently sifting the body, alternating from left to right.

Use n°3
Rocking the head

Benefit: Relaxes the mind in preparation for birth.

Ritual: Lie on your back resting the back of the head on the rebozo. Your partner lifts your head slightly off the ground, using the rebozo to turn your head from right to left, in a gentle rocking movement.


Use n°4

Benefit: Creates a relaxing interlude to ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

Ritual: Lie on your back. Your partner floats light pressure over your arms, legs, and face by gently stroking you with the rebozo.

The rebozo during childbirth


Use n°1

Benefit: Helps you find a sense of calm and confidence.

Ritual: Place your rebozo over your head and eyes holding both ends, one in each hand.

Use n°2
Soothing relief

Benefit: Relieves weight and pressure on hips, back and ligaments.

Ritual: Get on all fours, or on your knees leaning over your birth ball. Your partner stands over you, with his or her legs on either side of your legs and with a straight back.  He or she gently lifts your belly by pulling both ends upwards.

Make sure that the fabric is released as slowly as possible at the end of the movement.


Use n°3

Benefit: Stretches the back and relieves pain.

Ritual: Use the rebozo to suspend your body in a squatting or crouching position with the support of a door or your partner.

Use n°4

Benefit: Gives you strength during the pushing stage.

Ritual: The rebozo is tied to the bed, or held by your birth partner. Grab both ends to give you leverage and help you focus your strength on pushing.

The rebozo during the postpartum period

Use n°1

Benefit: Supports the pelvis after childbirth.

Ritual: Lie down on your back with the rebozo under your hips. Criss-cross the two sides and grasp both ends, with palms up. Inhale and then exhale while gently tightening the rebozo. Repeat the sequence 3 to 5 times.

You can also ask a rebozo practitioner help you perfect this tightening technique.

Use n°2
Nursing cover

Benefit: Creates a private space while breastfeeding.

Ritual: Drape the rebozo over your shoulder to cover yourself and wrap your baby in softness.

Use n°3
Baby carrier

Benefit: Enables you to carry your baby hands-free.

Ritual: The rebozo can double as a baby wrap or a sling (by using 2 rings).

Les autres usages du Rebozo

Use n°1
During menstruations

Benefit: Relieves period pain.

Ritual: Tie the rebozo around your belly to provide warmth and comfort. If you have severe cramps, you can place a hot water bottle between your stomach and the rebozo.

Use n°2

You can wear your rebozo as a shawl, scarf, or wrap, to honor your pregnancy journey, and as a symbol of your new role as a mother.