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FLOWER OF LIFE Pregnancy Necklace

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This bonding maternity necklace is inspired by the sacred geometric shape of the Flower of Life, a powerful symbol of creation and growth.
In the Mayan culture, it was worn by expectant mothers to keep them safe during pregnancy. Afterwards, it was used to calm the newborn baby with its soothing chime.
The necklace features an adjustable chain that can be worn shorter after birth to comfort your baby with the sound of its sweet, familiar melody. You can continue to wear the necklace throughout your life as a symbolic reminder of your role as a mother and the precious, eternal bond between you and your child.

Wellness Mists

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This box set contains three, 100% natural, scented mists to enhance the wellbeing of the whole family.

- Chase away sadness, fatigue, and the blues with the revitalizing and sparkling Joy Mist, infused with Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Ginger.

- Relieve fear, anxiety, and nightmares with the reassuring and conforting Courage Mist, blended with Vanilla, Orange, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang.

- Dispel anger, stress, and agitation with the relaxing and soothing Calm Mist, fragranced with Lavender, Orange, Tonka Bean and Myrrh.

Made in France with love.

TREE OF LIFE Pregnancy Necklace on Cord

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This maternity necklace is adorned with the Tree of Life symbol. It embodies rebirth and the cycle of life.
This delicately engraved symbol will envelop you and your baby in its healing energy throughout your pregnancy and during the wondrous moment of birth.
The cord of this Maternity Necklace is adorned with 9 healing gemstones representing the 9 months of pregnancy. They diffuse their energy of love (rose quartz), protection (labradorite), femininity (moonstone), and joy (amazonite), to accompany you along your journey to motherhood.
After the birth, place your harmony ball in one of our loveys; its soft melody will continue to soothe and comfort your baby.
Your Tree of Life necklace can be worn with our Maternity bracelet.

GAIA Pregnancy Necklace

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This maternity necklace is inspired by Gaia, the mother goddess who created the Earth.
The perfectly round sphere, with a slightly grainy look reminiscent of our beautiful planet, is a stunning contrast to the brilliant sparkle of its faceted chain.
Wear the Gaia maternity necklace throughout your pregnancy and on the day of childbirth to remind you of Mother Earth who has guided and supported you since birth and will connect you with your feminine power.
Perform the harmony ball ritual every day to create this unique bond with your little one.
After birth, slip your harmony ball into one of our loveys. The soft melody of love and tenderness that soothed your baby in the womb will continue to be a calming source of comfort.

Herbal Infusion Gift Box

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Our Mama’s Infusions support your overall wellness at every stage of motherhood.
Our 100% natural and organic blends, have been selected for their active ingredients and
distinctive flavors.
You can choose 3 herbal infusions according to your need :
Right from the beginning of the pregnancy: MAMA-TO-BE 
From the last month of the pregnancy: READY MAMA 
From the start of breastfeeding: MILKY MAMA 
After breastfeeding stops: NEW MAMA
-100% natural and made from organically-grown plants
-Sugar-free with no artificial flavoring
- Handcrafted in France
- Net weight 3X60 grs (3X30 mugs)
Pregnancy guide book (French) Pregnancy guide book (French)
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Pregnancy guide book (French)

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A complete guide book to navigate pregnancy through meditation and writing rituals.

Organic Rebozo

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Discover the benefits of this magical garment during pregnancy, labor, birth and even postpartum!

The rebozo is an ancestral cloth garment originating from Central America.
It was traditionally used during rituals and ceremonies, or in everyday life, as a shawl or a sling for carrying a baby.

Since its arrival in France several years ago, new uses for the rebozo have been continually evolving.
First used to perform the “rebozo ritual” inspired by ancestral Mexican practices, it is now becoming an essential wellness tool for pregnant women and new mothers:

During pregnancy, it is used as a belly support band or when performing rocking or effleurage maneuvers to provide relaxation and comfort to expectant mothers.

During childbirth, the rebozo can be used to ease labor pains and keep the mother-to-be focused, or as a tool to suspend the body or provide traction.

During the postpartum period, it is used for belly binding to support the pelvis after delivery.

After your baby's birth, you can continue to use the rebozo as a baby carrier, a nursing cover, or even to enjoy “rebozo moments” of relaxation and sharing with your little ones.

When you purchase an Ilado rebozo, you will also receive our 32-page user's guide.

Features of our rebozos:
Our rebozos are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes, with the greatest respect for the skin and our planet.
- available in 3 colors: sand, clay, light pink and terracotta.
- Size: 222 x 55 cm (approximately 22 x 85 inches).

We recommend washing them by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °C (86 °F) inside a mesh laundry bag.

Baby Cocoon

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Our Baby Cocoon is inspired by the tradition of swaddling, practiced for thousands of years by mothers around the world.
It gently hugs your baby, providing a feeling of snugness and reassurance. By recreating the comfort and securi of the womb, it gives your little one a sense of calm and well-being, which promotes sleep.

The Baby Cocoon is crafted with the utmost care in our workshop in Portugal. This knitted cocoon is made of superfine Merino yarn is perfectly suited for delicate baby skin.
It is renowned for its soness, suppleness, strength, temperature-regulating and antibacterial properties, and easy maintenance.

One size 0-6 months.
100% soft, supple & temperature-regulating Merino wool.
Hand-washable or machine-washable on the wool setting, at 30°.

ILADO To The Moon Fragrance

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To the Moon is the declaration of love from a mother to her child.
A tender and reassuring scented embrace that evokes the soft warmth of those first moments of skin-to-skin contact. Featuring a delicate blend of crisp apple, muesli and almond milk, it envelops mother, child and nursery linens to create an aura of well-being and happiness.
Made in France with love.

ILADO Mama Scented Candle

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Our scented candle diffuses warm notes of cinamon, vanilla and rose, creating a soft and tender atmosphere in your home.  To help guide you towards greater inner peace and harmony, we have placed a natural gemstone bracelet inside each candle. Selected with the collaboration of a lithotherapist, the stone will impart its healing properties.

Our candles are handmade with 100% vegetable and GMO free wax and feature a cotton certififed lead free wick.

More information about our natural gemstone pendants 

Pregnancy Tattoos Kit

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Announce your pregnancy to your loved ones and capture every stage of your memorable journey with these temporary tattoos.

Ilado Gift Card

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Are you looking for a special gift for a new or expectant mom?
Give her the Ilado creation of her choice thanks to our gift card! 
Our gift cards are valid for 6 months on our online store. 
Amounts available: €25, €50 or €100.
When you order, please specify if you wish to receive your gift card:
- by mail 
- by email (to be printed directly)