Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
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Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon
Baby Cocoon

Baby Cocoon


Our Baby Cocoon is inspired by the tradition of swaddling, practiced for thousands of years by mothers around the world.
It gently hugs your baby, providing a feeling of snugness and reassurance. By recreating the comfort and securi of the womb, it gives your little one a sense of calm and well-being, which promotes sleep.

The Baby Cocoon is crafted with the utmost care in our workshop in Portugal. This knitted cocoon is made of superfine Merino yarn is perfectly suited for delicate baby skin.
It is renowned for its soness, suppleness, strength, temperature-regulating and antibacterial properties, and easy maintenance.

One size 0-6 months.
100% soft, supple & temperature-regulating Merino wool.
Hand-washable or machine-washable on the wool setting, at 30°.

Shipping in 3 to 5 business days

Data sheet

Laine de mérinos
Taille unique 0-6 mois
Bébé et enfant
Lavage main


le rituel du bola

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de nos clientes

Questions fréquentes

Le Bola de grossesse se porte comme un collier, suspendu au niveau du ventre à l'aide d'une chaîne ou d’un cordon. Les mouvements de votre corps feront doucement résonner votre Bola à l’oreille de votre

Vous pouvez commencer à porter un Bola de grossesse à partir du
deuxième trimestre de votre grossesse, lorsque votre ventre commence à s'arrondir et que le bébé peut entendre les sons extérieurs.

Oui, dès la vingtième semaine de grossesse, le bébé commence à percevoir les sons provenant de l'extérieur, y compris la douce mélodie de votre bola de grossesse.

Non, car le son de nos Bolas est doux et apaisant. Leur mélodie relaxante vous apaisera tout au long de votre grossesse et vous invitera à créer un lien sonore avec votre bébé.

Pour entrer en lien avec votre bébé tout au long de la grossesse, nous vous recommandons de le faire rouler sur votre ventre en suivant notre rituel d’utilisation.

Certaines mamans continuent à porter leur Bola de grossesse comme un bijou symbolique du lien qui les unit à leur enfant. Vous pouvez également glisser votre Bola dans l’un de nos doudous pour rappeler à votre tout-petit les doux sons qu'il entendait dans votre ventre tout au long de la grossesse.

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Our Angel Caller rattle will become a reassuring companion, reminding your baby of the familiar melody of your Bonding Necklace.

According to a Mayan legend, the soft tinkling sound has the power to call upon your little one’s guardian angel to provide protection and bring good luck.

Each rattle is a unique piece, handcrafted in Peru, respecting traditional artisan skills passed down from mother to daughter from one generation to the next.

Mama-To-Be Herbal Infusion

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This herbal blend helps mothers-to-be to enjoy a harmonious pregnancy by relieving common everyday ailments. 
The red vine leaf, known to support blood circulation, is combined with the digestive benefits of mallow flower, and lemon balm, that has been shown to improve sleep quality.
The Mama-to-Be infusion promotes well-being, is caffeine-free, and has a fresh, delicate lemon flavor, making it the perfect blend to enjoy during the day and in the evening.

-100% natural and made from organically-grown plants
-Sugar-free with no artificial flavoring
- Handcrafted in France
- Net weight 60 grs (30 mugs)

Ingredients: Verbena*, Red Vine Leaf*, Ginger*, Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Mallow*, Cardamom*.
*Certified organic

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Rabbit Lovey for Harmony Ball

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In the ancestral Mayan tradition, new mothers would sew a harmony ball inside their baby’s blanket to continue to soothe their newborn with its familiar melody and to call upon their child’s guardian angel for protection. When hung over your baby’s cradle, crib or stroller, our Angel Caller Lovey will become a reassuring companion for your infant. Its soft tinkling sound will remind your little one of the feeling of security and well-being inside the womb and help your newborn to peacefully adapt to the outside world.
Your own chiming pendant can be placed securely inside the lovey, which has been specially designed to meet the EU safety standards.

Pink Quartz Sphere

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Natural gemstone spheres emanate their gentle energy in all directions, up to a radius of ten to thirteen feet. We have selected our spheres in collaboration with a lithotherapy expert to create an atmosphere of well-being for you and your little ones:
- Rose quartz is a source of tenderness and security;
- Blue calcite promotes calm and relaxation;
- White agate strengthens emotional stability and enhances feelings of harmony;
Each sphere comes with its own wooden base, storage pouch and a guide outlining little rituals to share with your little ones, for each healing sphere.

Guide for Choosing your Healing Sphere