Birth Poster 50 X 70 cm


This timeless and poetic personalized poster celebrates the birth of your baby!
A life-size silhouette (1:1 scale) captures the magical, emotional moment when you first met your child!
Every birth poster is made to measure and customized with baby's name and birth information, including: date of birth, length and weight. Choose from 5 colors, 3 backgrounds and 2 positions.
This symbolic and original creation has been designed, personalized and printed in France with love.
A beautiful gift idea that will add a unique touch to baby's room or your living room!

Poster size 50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.5 in)
Sold without frame

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50 X 70 cm

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In the ancestral Mayan tradition, new mothers would sew a harmony ball inside their baby’s blanket to continue to soothe their newborn with its familiar melody and to call upon their child’s guardian angel for protection. When hung over your baby’s cradle, crib or stroller, our Angel Caller Lovey will become a reassuring companion for your infant. Its soft tinkling sound will remind your little one of the feeling of security and well-being inside the womb and help your newborn to peacefully adapt to the outside world.

Your own chiming pendant can be placed securely inside the lovey, which has been specially designed to meet the EU safety standards.

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This herbal blend helps mothers-to-be to enjoy a harmonious pregnancy by relieving common everyday ailments. 
The red vine leaf, known to support blood circulation, is combined with the digestive benefits of mallow flower, and lemon balm, that has been shown to improve sleep quality.
The Mama-to-Be infusion promotes well-being, is caffeine-free, and has a fresh, delicate lemon flavor, making it the perfect blend to enjoy during the day and in the evening.

-100% natural and made from organically-grown plants
-Sugar-free with no artificial flavoring
- Handcrafted in France
- Net weight 60 grs (30 mugs)

Ingredients: Verbena*, Red Vine Leaf*, Ginger*, Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Mallow*, Cardamom*.
*Certified organic

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