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Blue Calcite Sphere

Natural gemstone spheres emanate their gentle energy in all directions, up to a radius of ten to thirteen feet. We have selected our spheres in collaboration with a lithotherapy expert to create an atmosphere of well-being for you and your little ones:
- Rose quartz is a source of tenderness and security;
- Blue calcite promotes calm and relaxation;
- White agate strengthens emotional stability and enhances feelings of harmony;
Each sphere comes with its own wooden base, storage pouch and a guide outlining little rituals to share with your little ones, for each healing sphere.

Guide for Choosing your Healing Sphere

Composition :
Blue Calcite
Measurements :
Diameter 5 cm
Price :
Less than 60 Dollars

At Ilado, we believe that stones and crystals influence well-being. Known for their healing virtues, they have been used since antiquity throughout the world. Inspired by this ancestral practice, we collaborated with a lithotherapist to select our natural gemstone spheres. Their energetic vibrations will bring more peace and harmony into your everyday life.

Sandra Zeller, founder of Ilado

The benefits of your gemstone sphere

Rose quartz

Tenderness and security

Known as the stone of great tenderness, its presence in a room soothes emotions, calms fears and restores a beautiful harmony within the heart. This stone's loving energy flows naturally, creating an environment where we can all freely express our needs, confide in one another and trust our feelings. Rose quartz is a stone that conveys maternal tenderness, reassurance and serenity. A rose quartz sphere can be placed in any room of the house, including the bedroom, where it will ensure a restful sleep with its calming and comforting properties.

Blue calcite

Calm and soothing

A blue calcite sphere radiates a gentle and calming energy. >/t1>. It provides emotional and mental balance, while opening up a space of inner peace. It is a perfect stone to place in the living room or bedroom to gently soothe an overactive mind. Its sedimentary, reassuring and calming energy makes it particularly effective for relaxing children, as well as anyone who is anxious or stressed. Blue calcite also helps us to express ourselves calmly and to find the right words to speak easily and fluidly. This is why it is an ideal stone to place in the center of a table during a meal.

White agate

Stability and harmony

A beautiful stone with elegant patterns, known for providing good stabilizing energy. Agate is a stone of great simplicity with exceptional properties. When placed in a room, a sphere of white agate protects and stabilizes our mental, emotional and spiritual energies. We slowly rediscover our sense of reality by listening to inner selves. Agate allows us to see and appreciate the present moment and to release stress naturally. Its energy encourages us to listen to our body and tune into our feelings and sensations so we can think and act according to our natural rhythms. White agate can be placed in any room of the house.

Advice from Johann Chevillard, lithotherapy expert:

check We recommend not placing more than two spheres in the same room to avoid an overload of energy.

check When you are not using your sphere (or any healing stone in general), make sure to store it in a drawer or under a thick cloth to put its vibrations “to sleep”.

check Be careful not to expose your stones to direct sunlight as this could cause them to lose their color.

Welcoming the stone into your space

When you first receive your gemstone, it is important to take a few moments to welcome its energies and mindfully introduce it to your interior space.


Place the sphere in front of you and sit comfortably on a chair or armchair. Relax and gaze attentively into the sphere for two or three minutes, without any conscious effort. Embrace the sensations and emotions that arise, without trying to understand or analyze them. This will allow you to connect with the stone's natural energy.


This is also a good time to set a gentle intention to strengthen the energy bond between the stone and your home. For example: “Thank you, sweet rose quartz, for spreading your tenderness and love through this room”. Find your own meaningful words. Sincerity and positive intentions are far more important than words. If you wish, you can encourage family members to participate in this ritual, while making it a fun and convivial experience. The more the intention is expanded and shared, the greater the energy that will emanate from the sphere.

Caring for your gemstone sphere

A gemstone sphere naturally charges itself by storing energies received by the surrounding environment. It is therefore important to purify and recharge it regularly.

Once a month, place about 5 large handfuls of coarse salt into a bowl. Cover with a cloth and then lay the sphere on top of the cloth. Leave for 3 hours and then discard the salt. Your sphere is now cleansed and free of stagnant energies.

Once a week, hold your sphere under running water (except for blue calcite which is too soft) for one minute for a light purification.

After it is purified, allow your sphere to recharge, in the morning or at the end of the day, by placing it in contact with sun's rays, either outside or on a windowsill. Two or three hours is sufficient. Avoid intense direct sunlight so as not to discolor your sphere.

Small daily rituals

To enjoy the full benefits of your natural gemstone sphere, here are some easy little rituals we recommend for you and your children.


Sit comfortably in an armchair with your child on your lap while you both hold the sphere. Close your eyes and imagine the stone's energy flowing through your body. Guide your child through this little two-minute ritual. Share your feelings with each other and enjoy the gentle energy radiating from the sphere.


If the sphere is placed in your child's room, on the nightstand for example, ask him or her to hold it for a few minutes before going to sleep. During a bedtime story, the sphere can serve as a comforting companion. While your child holds the sphere and gazes at it, you can also talk about the stone and its “powers”. Our hands are wonderful gateways through which healing energies flow. The longer the contact, the more quickly we will feel the benefits of the stone.


We also invite you to experiment by creating your own rituals. Let your imagination run free!